History of D.P. Curtis Trucking

D.P. Curtis Trucking, Inc. was founded in 1982 by Dent P. Curtis, as a family business. He started with one truck and worked throughout Southern Utah until he was able to get contracts with local area shippers. He has built his business on honesty, self-discipline, solid ethics, and plain old hard work.

The fleet was increased through the purchase of additional trucks and the addition of Owner-Operators. His primary operation consisted of serving the two gypsum plants in the county hauling sheetrock, and has expanded to many major companies throughout the United States, hauling various products and commodities. We still provide our transportation services to the area gypsum plants for both outbound and inbound shipments.

The original company was composed of strictly flatbeds, but has expanded to dry bulk shipments with both pneumatic and bottom drop trailers. We haul various dry bulk products in our pneumatics’ such as agricultural gypsum, cement, flyash, lime, bentonite, as well as some liquid products. We haul grain, coal, gravel, cinders, lime, and other products in our bottom drop trailers. Our flatbeds have rollback systems and side kitsĀ  to safely transport our loads through any weather safely and efficiently. We have units that are capable of providing Maxi trailers for better service to our customers.

Our fleet currently runs over 130 tractors across the United States. We rotate our tractors every three years and our trailers every 5 to 6 years, providing modern, reliable equipment to our customers.

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